Being the change in the world we want to see.

We believe our purpose on Planet Earth is to serve others by being a loving, passionate, and powerful example of how to live productive, meaningful, and positive lives. We believe peace can be secured by empowering people to develop and control their own futures.

We put our boots on the ground and have a direct, real, tangible impact on people’s lives. We don’t sit in cubicles, theorize, pontificate, or politicize things. There’s plenty of people out there who talk a good game, but never actually get off the couch and do anything. As Mahatam Ghandi said, “Be the change that you wish to see in the world.”

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Working Hard to Make a Real Difference

Other Ways We Fulfill Our Core Mission


Our founder James L. Clark is a highly sought after speaker on intentional living and humanitarian work for private events, corporate functions, and conferences around the world.


To inquire about having James or another BOTG speaking at your church, campus, or corporate function, or other event, please click here. Please be sure to include as much information as you can, as well as the date or possible dates if you’re flexible.


We have specialized mentoring programs for people just like you. We believe one of the sure-fire ways to become the person you want to be, is to model yourself after others.


We wouldn’t be the people we are or have the teams we have, if it weren’t for mentors helping us get there. It’s one of the most important ways we give back, and we’re always looking for people just like you to join our teams too. To learn more about our programs, please click here.


James produces an audio series on intentional living and positive growth called HEAD CHANGE to help others and encourage people to get involved. It's available for FREE on platforms like iTunes.


If you’d like to listen to HEAD CHANGE absolutely free, you can subscribe to James’ iTunes channel right here. Or, if you don’t use iTunes, you can listen at his Sound Cloud account.


James and other BOTG members has been featured on CNN, CBS, the BBC, The Drs, and other programs. We also produces webcasts, television, documentaries and other positive content.


James and BOTG team members have been featured on television shows, and also produces quality programing for distribution online and through other platforms. Free content can be watched at his Youtube and Vimeo channels.

Social Media

We believe the quality of your life is directly related to the quality of your relationships, and we can't do what we do without YOU... and we love to meet new people! So why not reach out now?

Social Media

Social media has made the world a smaller place. You can now connect with BOTG and James at your favorite places. Follow BOTG at Twitter, like him at Facebook, link to him at LinkedIn, and indulge in your inner-voyeur at Instagram!


James is a prolific author whose varied interests and writing have been featured in both print and digital form since early 2003.


James and has been published in magazines and he’s written several books previously with major publishers. This year, he’s refocused his efforts entirely towards writing material that promotes positive growth and encourages others to stand up and be counted. His book Boots on the Ground in Haiti is out in 2016.

Leading by example by serving when called.

After deploying to Haiti in 2010 to help the survivors of the earthquake that leveled the small Caribbean country and killed more than 300,000 people, James L. Clark founded Boots on the Ground (BOTG-NGO), an international humanitarian aid organization that provides assistance required to sustain life, facilitate recovery, and to encourage and promote long-term development, stability, and peace. James and other team members have helped countless people in need, in scores of countries.

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We believe relationships are one of most important keys to fulfilling our mission. In keeping with that philosophy, we do our best to stay  available to anyone who reaches out to us. The quickest way to contact us is to use this form.

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