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BOOTS ON THE GROUND is always accepting applications from certified professionals and other volunteers with a heart to serve who want to support our mission and want to make a difference in the world. We regularly recruit for core operational specialists, administrative staff, general medical staff, and individuals to complete our RAMP and other training programs. NO MATTER your background, we can find a place for YOU to serve. We encourage everyone interested in helping us to get in touch.

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Everyone. Anyone. If you have a heart for helping, you're welcome to apply.

Our volunteers change lives. All of us come from a range of backgrounds, but we have one thing in commonwe have a heart for helping others. Wherever disasters occur, or there's real need, we try to get involved, put our boots on the ground, and make a difference. To us, talk is cheap. It's action that matters. Getting out there, and doing something good. We live our morals, we don't just pontificate and blow smoke. This is what real love looks like.

Absolutely. We're always looking for amazing, hard-charging, bad-ass people who feel called to serve and make a difference. You don't have to have served in the military to help; we welcome civilians from all walks of life, especially people who believe in action, not just talking.

Absolutely. We have a variety of roles to be filled, and many are perfectly suited for someone who may have physical limitations.

Listen, a large percentage of our veterans (including founding members) suffer from PTSD (diagnosed or otherwise). The fact that you're willing to admit you're suffering too, shows just how much things have improved from previous generations of veterans coming home. War sucks. Anyone who's had a taste of it, knows that. And we all cope in different ways. We'd never dream of keeping someone who has the skills and ability to help others from participating or even deploying to disaster zones. You can make a difference. We are in the business of empowering veterans, so if you're suffering from emotional and mental wounds, we'd encourage you to apply. You'll find a sense of community and purpose again with us. But keep in mind, responding to disasters is difficult and dangerous work; our team members have to be mentally and physically tough, so we'll want to make sure you're up for it before we issue marching orders.

That depends on you. We decided long ago that we'd do everything we could to make sure that every penny donated to help others did exactly that. We're simply not like other organizations. Too often someone will donate their hard-earned money thinking it will go to make a difference in someone's life. Unfortunately, those funds tend to pay for offices and electric bills, convoys of brand new SUVs, and other such expenses. The only time we use money donated for administration or operational costs is if the donor specifically says it's okay. In this respect, they've gave their permission. That's our "100% Donation Policy", and we take it very seriously. To offset administrative and operational costs such as transportation and meals, volunteers either conduct fundraisers for that purpose, donate the funds out of their own pockets, or both. Every new volunteer is provided training, which includes this process.

Boots on the Ground responds to a variety of locations around the world to help with both natural and man-made disasters. Each have their own set of unique circumstances, and our volunteers respond accordingly by tailoring their mission to meet the needs of what we're presented with upon arrival. Our medical and disaster recovery quick-response teams, organized similarly along the lines of DMATs organized under the National Response Framework, focus very heavily on providing gap-response operations in the period between the immediate aftermath of a disaster and the arrival of large support bodies.

Internationally, we provide post-disaster emergency and primary medical care, search and rescue operations, logistical support, IDP camp management, assessments, and training. Domestically, these operations are mirrored with the exception of IDP camp management. Added roles may include command and control and debris management. Whatever we are capable of doing, we will do. Our goal in all cases is to provide the largest positive impact with the least amount of resources, to produce the greatest amount of good possible.

Any approved BOTG member is eligible for deployment, but who is activated depends largely on the mission. Some situations naturally necessitate a specialized skill set and certifications. Others may be more generic in nature. One's geographical location may also play a role.

Everyone has a set of experiences and skills that can be put to use during a disaster. Accountants help ensure donations are used properly, medics provide care, search and rescue operators enter destroyed structures to bring survivors out alive, and support staff coordinate missions, organize and disseminate intelligence, book flights, and keep the public and loved ones at home informed. Some positions naturally require specific certificationsothers do not. We also provide specialized training to select volunteers such as those who participate in our RAMP program. The truth is, we can move mountainsif we all work together. We encourage anyone who wants to get involved, to apply.

Yes, one of our main missions is to provide free medical care to those in need, especially after disasters. If you have medical skills, or want to learn how to provide medical care, get in touch with us.

Medical volunteers play a huge role in our efforts. You can make a tremendous difference, particularly if you are skilled in training other medical staff. If you’re a nursing assistant, EMT, Paramedic, LPN/LVN, RN, NP, PA or Medical Doctor / Physician you can apply for short-term (one to six weeks) or long-term (six weeks to three months) assignments with BOTG to serve in a mobile clinic, permanent clinic, or hospital we operate or associate with.

Yes, of course. You're probably the most important part of what we do; without the help of volunteers to support those of us who deploy, we'd never get there. In fact, nobody would even know we exist. We are actively looking for volunteers to assist with fund raising, grant proposals, media and public relations, web design, marketing, and general administration. If you have skills in these areas, please feel free to get in touch with us.

Heck yes. You don't have to be a medic, nurse, or physician to get involved and help. We're looking for people just like you, someone who wants to help and make a difference. So, get in touch!

BOTG recruits, trains, certifies, and deploys specially trained medics known as Remote and Austere Medical Practitioners (RAMPs) to conduct a multitude of different missions in the most extreme and often hostile operational and environmental conditions throughout the world. If you already have similar training or are a qualified ATP, please get in touch with us. To learn more, visit the RAMP page.

If you have training and experience in global security, disaster management, civil affairs, and related fields especially if you've worked with or in conjunction with the UN, related government agencies, NGOs, or have served in the military or with paramilitary organizations such as PMCs where your primary duty was serving as a member of a PSD, we'd like to talk to you.