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Rapid Deployment PPG Team

Helping is the easy part. Getting there, as quickly as possible when lives hang in the balance, that's where creativity, ingenuity, and shear will comes into play.

Rapid Deployment PPG Team

What is Paragliding and PPG?

Paragliding is a form of aviation that uses a canopy (wing), rigging system, and harness to convey pilots through the air much like any other aircraft. The wings are light weight, compact, incredibly stable when opened, and have high glide ratios that allow pilots to stay aloft for considerable periods of time. Standard non-powered paragliding uses thermals and other weather conditions to stay aloft, whereas, PPG, uses an engine and a fan to propel the wing forward. We use both versions, situation dependent, but tend to focus on PPG.  The fact is, PPG is one of easiest way to achieve personal flight.

What is the Rapid Deployment PPG Team?

Our primary mission is to provide emergency care and other life-saving assistance after major disasters, anywhere in the world. Quickly.

Over the course of deployments we found that remote areas are often entirely neglected by larger NGOs, the UN, or governments due to logistical problems. In Nepal after the 2015 earthquake, for example, one of the main supply lines was cut off for over a week by several landslide that covered the road in numerous locations with rocks the size of vehicles. This prevented medical assistance, food, and other supplies from reaching countless villages.

Imagine being in a remote village and not being able to get help for a child who suffered serious injury. Imagine having to watch that child suffer for days, perhaps weeks, in agony. Our primary focus is in providing life-saving care for survivors, but we have to get to them first.

That's where technologies like PPG come into play.

The Rapid Deployment PPG Team consists of experienced volunteer medics who've been specially trained to deploy with and fly Powered Paragliders in some of the most inhospitable locations one can imagine.

Are you looking for pilots?

Yes. We are always looking for experienced pilots who would be willing to deploy with us to help those in need. For select candidates, we will provide medical and security training. But you need not be a medic to help. We are acutely aware that PPG pilots come from all walks of life, and offer so many diverse skills that there's always a fit somewhere. So if you're interested in helping, contact us.

I'm a medic, but not a pilot. Can I become one?

Yes. Medics who want to become pilots are encouraged to get in touch with us. We can teach you to fly in about a week (weather conditions depending) but to be a good pilot you need to spend time in the air. You've already accomplished the hardest part, getting you into the air just takes practice. Deploying you, that takes a special kind of person. Do you think you have what it takes?

I'm not a medic or a pilot. Can I join?

Absolutely. But you will need training first. We're looking for people who are willing to stand up and be counted. You have to be willing to get in the game, and show us how serious you are. What we do is very serious stuff, so if you're serious then go out and start earning your credentials. Did you notice we said serious three times? You'll need to get at least an EMT cert under your belt, or, go learn to fly a PPG and bring those skills to the table. We can help you with both, but you'd have a lot of hoops to jump through before you could apply for the team.

I represent another NGO, and we want to do what you do!

Great. We'll help you. Anyone who is out there, putting their boots on the ground like we do to make a difference, has our support. Contact us. We can provide training, equipment, and support so you can develop your own PPG team that best fits your NGOs needs. We are willing to travel anywhere in the world to work with reputable NGOs to create a program that fits within your mission, provided it's congruent with our own.

I just want to learn to fly!

We get it, and we can help with that. We have instructors we work with, and others we know only by reputation, who we can recommend to you. We will never suggest an instructor, school, or specific brand of equipment just so we can make a sale. We're a non profit humanitarian aid organization, and our bias is not connected to monetary gain but to our core beliefs. Helping others drives us. We only work with pilots, instructors, and manufacturers who possess the knowledge, integrity, experience, and dedication to excellence that mirrors our own.

If you'd like more information about our team, of if you're interested in joining or being trained, please contact us using this form and we'll get back in touch with you as quickly as possible.

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