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The Scottish Island Dream Estate Raffle

Some lucky winner is going to walk away with a massive 7-acre estate located on a picturesque Scottish isle that includes a spacious home, coffee shop, private gym, 42-seat cinema, and more.

A Unique Fundraiser That Will Change Lives

We believe we have a moral responsibility to serve. We also believe we have a moral responsibility to use donations entrusted to us to change the lives of others. Since our inception, we've largely self-funded. In other words, as volunteers, we dig deep into our own pockets and pay for our way to disasters, and buy supplies. We've done this for over a decade. But we want to do more. So we came up with the idea of conducting a "Dream Home" type of raffle, only we're going to give away something beyond your wildest dreams.

You can change not only your life if you win the Island Estate, but all profits from the Raffle are going to support our charitable projects including clean water, disaster response, educational programs, and more.

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